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Akudo McGee

I'm a master's student at the University of Amsterdam where I am working on my thesis about the role of cities in refugee integration. I enjoy writing, reading, hiking, camping & traveling!

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This French Startup Makes Funeral Planning Easy

When it comes to funeral planning loved ones can feel confused and unsure of which servers would best suit their family or friend. Meilleures Pompes Funebres helps them get information on the establishments nearest them with access to rating and reviews....

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Convenience Is in Its Genes

For most of us, the topic of genes and DNA only extend as far as knowing that we may have our father's eyes or our mother's curls, for others genes are a source of wonder or...

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#Banking4all, Introducing Taqanu

This next startup touches on something that many of us take for granted. Suppose you're at the mall and you see a scarf your mother would just love or suppose you ran out of the house...