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Devin Garcia

I’m Devin! Just your average 23 y/o aspiring writer. Sometimes I watch way too much TV. I enjoy all things geek, literature, and music!

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Security Cameras for the Greenhouse

iUNU is a Seattle based industrial computer vision company that was founded in 2013. Their main purpose was to connect plants with its growers and growers with its facilities to create a better environment to aforementioned plants. The solution was LUNA...

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Soothe Those College Printing Woes with Ink

Enter Ink, a startup hailing from Nebraska that is focused on revamping and revolutionizing the way that campuses and students go through the printing process. The intention of Ink is to incorporate cloud based servers with printers to make the lives of college students go much smoother....

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A Whole New Level To Google Translate

With diverse cultures, comes diverse languages and a high demand for learning and translating to help everyone fit in. Google Translate, one of the more popular translation utilities, is getting revolutionized with the coming of Google’s “Pixel Buds.”...

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A New Approach To Language Fluidity

One of the biggest new advances in technology is translation apps. From Rosetta Stone to Duolingo to headphones that translate for you, the possibility of learning languages has greatly increased over the years. And now, there’s Chatterbug....


Cleaning The Ocean With One Seabin At A Time

It’s definitely not news that the oceans of our world are full of trash and debris. The pollution that plagues our air is being talked about daily, but what about the water? That’s where the Seabin Project comes in....


Game-Changing Smart-Watch

With everything from phones to TVs and appliances being “smart” these days, it’s a no-brainer that watches are as well. Smart watches are mostly used for tracking physical activity or accessibility to notifications, but not SWINGS....


Chai Can Be More Than Just Tea

No matter what time of year it is, electric bills never stop being expensive. Not to mention all of the energy that goes unused and wasted without a single thought. Luckily, the creators of Chai Energy have come up with a solution for the bill paying woes while saving energy at the same time!...


Pollution Might Become An Artist’s New Best Friend

As the world progresses, so do the levels of pollution in our air. The bigger the city, the more people, the more pollution in the air. New cars and other types of smoke producing buildings only continue to add to this, too. Graviky Labs has the solution, and it’s Air-Ink....