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Nichole Schack

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Startups data

Facebook User Data Hacked by Third Parties

It is official that Login with Facebook data has been hacked. It seems that user data can be snatched up by third parties that have implanted JavaScript trackers on websites that use this feature....

Startups HR

Reflektive Is Changing Employee Performance

In the job world, it can be hard for employers to keep their employees. Some employees have reported feelings of unimportance, underappreciation and "just another face for the company." So how can these companies...

Startups health and wellness

Move With MoveWith

Let's face it: Whether we like it or not, exercise is a part of staying healthy (even though most of us would love to watch re-runs of The Walking Dead). But finding the motivation or even...

Startups AI safety

Increase Driver performance with Nauto

Did you know that 68% of vehicle collisions are caused by the driver being distracted while driving? Holy smokes! That is one shocking statistic. As technology grows, our appetite for it does as well, no matter...