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Olivia O'Mahony

Born in New York and raised in Dublin, Olivia O'Mahony holds a degree in English literature from Maynooth University, Ireland. She enjoys fairytale butchery and is a bona fide gargoyle enthusiast.

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Artisanal Chocolate Bars for Lovers of Literature

Bookworms, rejoice. Open Book Chocolates is a newly-established chocolate company with a dream to embody the stories, characters, and settings of classic literature in its flavors. There are few things in life that marry more perfectly...

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Kiss Hangovers Goodbye with Morning Recovery

If you've never believed in miracles, it's time that you started. Supplement drink Morning Recovery is out to vanquish hangovers once and for all. Our bodies undergo a lot of stress after a night of heavy...

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Undies So Soft, You’ll Shake That Thang

Comfortable? Check. Personalized? Check. Ethically produced and sustainably sourced? Check. The team behind underwear brand MeUndies are on a mission to provide the best of the best, and they're off to a flying start. When’s...


Ollie Makes Real Dog Food with Real Love

Feed them like you mean it: upscale pet food brand Ollie provides customized nutrition for your pup's health. Founded in October of 2016, custom dog food producer and home delivery service Ollie is ready to put...

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Garçon Coffee Lets You Order like a Local

An app for the coffee-lovers of the world, Garçon Coffee takes the confusion out of ordering your favorite drink (or trying something new) while traveling the globe. There’s more to coffee than meets the eye....

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Remembering the Loved and Lost with Memsta

Inspired by the journey of web developer Shelagh Mullaney, memory-sharing application Memsta allows users to pay homage to loved ones who have passed. Over the course of 10 short weeks in 2016, the very stars from...