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Vivek Chakraverty

I am a writer with keen interest in the sciences, philosophy and of course startups. The sense of adventure ignited by a blank paper or screen excites me always.

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5 ways Accelerators Can Help Startups

Funding has always been a bone of contention for the numerous startups out there. The overwhelming number of options open to people seeking to fund their startups makes one feel confused. But the number of options...


5 Great Things About Startups

Startups are the new rave among entrepreneurs. Almost everyone seems to want to found or be associated with one. Besides the glitz and glamor, working with and for startups is truly an enriching experience. As you...


The Most Interesting Aspects of Startup Culture

Scarcely has a group of persons be considered so enigmatic as founders of startups. Indeed, startup founders are an interesting lot. The term “startup founder” itself conjures up a vision of an individual exhibiting passion, brilliance,...


The Indian Startup Era-Back To The Future

As startup fever grips one of the most ancient cradles of humanity, as wars continue to be raged on social media over culinary delicacies, we carry on with the forward cry in the realm of tech...


10 Skills Startups Value in Employees

Working in a startup is nothing short of an adventure or rather a survivor game. You have all these factors weighing on your mind, in spite of which you must ponder on and emerge the winner,...

Indian startups

Top 8 Problems Faced By Indian Startups

The recent spate of activity by venture capitalists and angel investors from both the domestic and international arena in the Indian startup ecosystem bodes well for Indian startups. The first half of 2017 attracted $5.56...